Seattle Genetics is a BioTech company focused on making drugs to treat patients with life-threatening diseases, especially cancer. This is a very science driven company, and people are very excited about exploring novel technologies, solving problems. But at the center of it is patients. What’s unique about Seattle Genetics is the passion amongst the employees. These are employees that focus and care on the treatment of cancer patients. There isn’t a meeting that goes by where talking about the patients and what we need to do for them is not part of that conversation, and it really I think speaks to the values and the culture of this company. The culture is very friendly, very inclusive, and very focused. We value knowledge and education, and continuously learning. We value family. If you need to leave to take care of a sick kid or spouse, nobody thinks twice about it and that’s really nice. Just the sense of community working here, there’s so many things that you’re exposed to outside of your typical work day that encourages you to develop a better understanding of the people that you’re working with. I think every day people come to work and are really excited and rewarded when they think about problems in an innovative way. I think there is a lot of support and enthusiasm for creative solutions. I think that the immersion of everyone kind of gives you a greater sense of what’s happening as a whole, which I think is extremely beneficial. We often will go help out other groups with experiments if they need an outside set of eyes, and that’s kind of fun. And they’ll come help us out too. You get a viewpoint that’s a lot broader than what you would typically expect to see. Innovation at Seattle Genetics makes sure that we are competitive with treating cancer patients and treating disease compared to other therapies that are being developed. We are innovative in science, but we are also innovative in the way that we run our business. I think understanding that this company is growing and has an opportunity to be global is really thinking about what’s the right way to do things and how are things going to work best for us. The future of Seattle Genetics is bright and we have a better pipeline than we’ve ever had. Our pipeline has a dozen products in it, we’re very well funded and we’re really poised for a very strong trajectory moving forward. If you’re looking for a place to grow your career and learn and be in the right environment, this is the best place to be at. If you want to work for a company that’s all about the patients and employees and helping people and making a difference, then Seattle Genetics is the place for you. I couldn’t imaging myself being somewhere else right now.

About Seattle Genetics

At Seattle Genetics, all kinds of people—researchers, statistical programmers, sports fans, art lovers—come together to share their passion for great, impactful work. It’s a place for balance, a center for growth and a community where your drive will make a real difference. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of people with cancer. View this career recruitment video to see how passion and teamwork are driving the development of transformative cancer therapies at Seattle Genetics.


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