Quality Control

Ramon Rosas: I've been with PQ corporation for a year. I started off, my role was a technician, and I moved up to a senior quality control analyst within a year. We test sodium silicate, and we also test silica gels for the paint industry. Quality control is part of our testing, and we have specifications, and we have to meet our specifications in order to produce good product.

There’re definitely opportunities for somebody willing to come in and work hard. They look at your abilities, and there's always recognition, and I like that about PQ. It's very important to have a chemical background, experience working in a lab, and it's very important to work well with others.

We interact with operations; we interact with customer service and managers. I enjoy the culture that they have here at PQ. We work well with one another, we communicate with one another, and it's very important that we respect one another.