Maintenance & Reliability

Junayd Latif: I've been with PQ for 15 years and learned a tremendous amount about the industry, met a lot of new people and picked up a lot of new skills that I've been using to enhance my life.

A typical day for me as a furnace engineering specialist is to first identify issues that may be occurring at various plants around the company and what the best approaches are to resolve those issues. It creates an opportunity for me to communicate with plants from all over the country, meet new people and try to help have their furnaces perform in the best ways possible. Safety has always been a key component in how PQ approaches its employees and its ethos.

PQ offers incentives for educating yourself and there's tuition reimbursement. Well, I'm very comfortable with where I'm at and I'm really excited about out what the future holds for myself and my family with PQ.