About Us

Tony Nock: PQ Corporation is a global business. We’ve got a global footprint. We manufacture sodium silicates and silicas. We’re about 1,500 employees with 31 facilities around the world. There are many opportunities for candidates in PQ Corporation.

We are designing the right products for our customers, so that they can have less adverse impact on the environment. So it goes straight from innovation and developing our new products to basic process optimization and energy reduction, which also means cost savings. Growth is an essential part of our plan, and there are a number of key areas that we have identified for growth as part of our strategy.

The opportunities are constantly changing. There are always new ones presented to us and many more to come.

Maintenance & Reliability

Junayd Latif: I’ve been with PQ for 15 years and learned a tremendous amount about the industry, met a lot of new people and picked up a lot of new skills that I’ve been using to enhance my life.

A typical day for me as a furnace engineering specialist is to first identify issues that may be occurring at various plants around the company and what the best approaches are to resolve those issues. It creates an opportunity for me to communicate with plants from all over the country, meet new people and try to help have their furnaces perform in the best ways possible. Safety has always been a key component in how PQ approaches its employees and its ethos.

PQ offers incentives for educating yourself and there’s tuition reimbursement. Well, I’m very comfortable with where I’m at and I’m really excited about out what the future holds for myself and my family with PQ.

Quality Control

Ramon Rosas: I’ve been with PQ corporation for a year. I started off, my role was a technician, and I moved up to a senior quality control analyst within a year. We test sodium silicate, and we also test silica gels for the paint industry. Quality control is part of our testing, and we have specifications, and we have to meet our specifications in order to produce good product.

There’re definitely opportunities for somebody willing to come in and work hard. They look at your abilities, and there’s always recognition, and I like that about PQ. It’s very important to have a chemical background, experience working in a lab, and it’s very important to work well with others.

We interact with operations; we interact with customer service and managers. I enjoy the culture that they have here at PQ. We work well with one another, we communicate with one another, and it’s very important that we respect one another.

Technical Engineer

Stephanie Rose: PQ Corporation has been around since the 1800s and we make soluble silicates, silicas and zeolites. These go into a wide variety of applications.

As a new employee, we provide some introductory training to facilitate chemistry and their downstream products, how they’re used. Working here at PQ, it’s been a great experience for me. The culture, the people are great to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about a lot of different technologies, and to also so visit customer facilities and to see the technology firsthand.

The culture here at PQ is definitely focused on the safety and wellbeing of people throughout the world, as well as the environment. The work/life balance here at PQ has been really great for me. The workload is well dispersed so that when I go home at night, I can spend good quality time with my family.