Jennifer - Product Manager

Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment, and Jennifer is a key member of their commercial hydronics division. As a product manager, she works closely with the sales team, providing technical support and training, as well as helping to customize products to meet customers' specific needs. Jennifer also liaises with customer service and the company's computer systems to maintain costs and bills of material. With 25 years of experience at Mestek, Jennifer loves the small company feel of the company and the variety of her job, which keeps her engaged and interested every day. To succeed at Mestek, Jennifer recommends having an open mind, being willing to engage with people from different backgrounds, and getting involved wherever possible.

About Mestek

Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment with over 75 years of experience – providing innovative solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, with a commitment to research and development resulting in energy-efficient, sustainable products. Choose Mestek as your partner for reliable HVAC and metal forming equipment that helps create a healthier, more efficient future.


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