Janitza - Shipping & Receiving Clerk / Material Handler

Mestek is a company that prides itself on a tight-knit team and a commitment to safety. The shipping and receiving clerk, Janitza Rodriguez, plays an integral role in the company's success by ensuring that all orders are ready for delivery to customers. Janitza's typical day involves preparing trailers, picking orders, and calling in trucks to be loaded with heavy materials. Despite the challenges of her role, she finds great satisfaction in working with her colleagues and being part of a team that values growth and leadership.

About Mestek

Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment with over 75 years of experience – providing innovative solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, with a commitment to research and development resulting in energy-efficient, sustainable products. Choose Mestek as your partner for reliable HVAC and metal forming equipment that helps create a healthier, more efficient future.


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