Dennis - Head of Material Handlers

Dennis Castellano, the lead of the Material Handler department and Chief at Mestek, describes his role at the company as ensuring orders are complete and loaded onto his truck for shipment. He talks to everyone during the day, including supervisors for other buildings. Dennis started at Mestek in 2005 and has grown with the company, learning different positions and now leading the material handlers. He enjoys working at Mestek because every day is a challenge, and his coworkers are like family. Dennis is grateful for the opportunities Mestek has given him and sees himself being with the company for the rest of his days.

About Mestek

Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment with over 75 years of experience – providing innovative solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, with a commitment to research and development resulting in energy-efficient, sustainable products. Choose Mestek as your partner for reliable HVAC and metal forming equipment that helps create a healthier, more efficient future.


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