Dan - Product Manager

Dan, the Product Manager at Mestek, speaks passionately about the company's diverse range of opportunities for growth and development. Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment, with a critical R&D lab where all products are developed in-house by a talented engineering and design team. The company offers a family-oriented culture that fosters open communication with senior leadership and encourages employees to take on new challenges. With its own finance and engineering departments, Dan emphasizes that there are plenty of opportunities for those with diverse skill sets to thrive, as seen in his own career trajectory from a lab technician to a Product Manager. The dynamic environment at Mestek keeps employees motivated and engaged, making it an exciting and fulfilling place to work.

About Mestek

Mestek is a leading manufacturer of HVAC and metal forming equipment with over 75 years of experience – providing innovative solutions for all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, with a commitment to research and development resulting in energy-efficient, sustainable products. Choose Mestek as your partner for reliable HVAC and metal forming equipment that helps create a healthier, more efficient future.


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