I work at Orange Regional Medical Center for the Greater Hudson Valley Health System. Our work culture is very team oriented. I think we have a strong basis between the nurses and also interdisciplinary, which I think makes it a very safe place for the patients to be. Nothing really falls through the cracks. A lot of the physicians practice in the community, so they’re familiar with their patients. We’re part of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, which includes Catskill Regional in Sullivan County as well. Our mission is to improve the health of the community by putting patients first. We’ve had great success in building numerous programs, from the cardiac program to orthopedics to geriatrics, pediatrics, and neo-natal intensive care unit, so we’ve built many programs and we continue to build on those programs so that people don’t have to travel a long way for their care. This is a great place to be an employee because it feels like family. I know some nurses will say this – most nurses will just say this, it’s just something that we’re supposed to do. I don’t know what else I would be if I wasn’t a nurse. I take pride in the quality of care at ORMC, it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to all of the nurses who take care of the patients here. I think the quality of the patient care is excellent, and we’ve seen tremendous improvement. It’s a caring environment, I think it’s a beautiful facility. Many of our employees have been here for a long, long time - like 30 years, 40 years – and that’s not because they have to stay here; it’s because we treat them well, they have friends here, and they take care of each other. I’d say the people are the best part about working at ORMC. Everyone really does treat you like family. They look out for you and we have strong nursing leadership that supports us. You know, to leave here and maybe feel tired but feel as if you’ve accomplished something, it’s just a beautiful sense of satisfaction. You feel as if you’re helping the people in the community, at a place where you can recommend to your family and your friends, and say this is where I want you to be. We have good nursing staff and medical staff here – this is where I want you to be. We’re an organization that embraces nursing, that is focused on nursing. Achieving magnet status is in one of the top recognitions any hospital can achieve. Having Magnet is a tremendous achievement. All nurses who are high-quality nurses, are well-educated, are looking for an opportunity to work in an organization that has Magnet status. The care that the patients are given, the nursing team, the doctors we have on staff – everyone we have on staff is geared to take care of those patients to the best of their ability. And even the nurses are in constant schooling, to upgrade and update their knowledge. The quality of care is superior.


The Greater Hudson Valley Health System, including Orange Regional Medical Center and Catskill Regional Medical Center, is a thriving place to bring your medical career. In this job and career recruitment video you will see how MRI techs, nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals have found a home in one of several ORMC medical facilities in Middletown, NY and Goshen, NY including our newest facility, one of the largest medical centers between the Tappan Zee Bridge and Albany. We have the latest technology and a strong commitment to developing your career.


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