Maintenance Mechanic

I was very fortunate to get an opportunity here at Del Monte Foods with the maintenance position. They helped me out, they gave me an opportunity to learn. As a Maintenance Mechanic, my daily duties are to check each piece of machinery to make sure they’re up to standards as far as spoils and air pressure as we start our shift. Working on the production floor, we work as a team, every day we have to work as a team. That’s kind of the only way production flows at a high percentage. The employees here are all very helpful. We look out for each other. The leadership provides great opportunities for anyone looking to move up in position. Every time I go to the store and see our product, it does give me a sense of pride to see the label correctly placed. The majority of the products that we make here are all on the store shelf, so it’s nice to see that I was a part of that in some way.

About Del Monte Foods

The Del Monte® name has been synonymous with premium foods since its debut in 1886. For generations, our company has proudly earned our reputation with a series of innovations and a singular dedication to quality. Today that commitment to quality is deeply embedded in our culture. At Del Monte, we will always strive to cultivate the best wholesome vegetables, fruits, and tomatoes to help you and your family live a life full of vitality and enjoyment.


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