Hi, my name is Danny. I’ve been a dispatcher for Coach USA for 18 years.

During the day, we have approximately 50 drivers reporting within three hours. When the driver checks in, he shows us all his DOT papers, meaning driver’s license, medical card. Then we assign the buses. We have books and we sign him that book for the day and their scanners.

We use scanners now for a passenger, when they board the bus and we hand them out a scanner. What dispatch is doing is assigning buses. The fill in drivers we assign, the fill-in runs. What I do is I help make sure they understand and make sure the run is completed thoroughly.

A successful person at Coach USA is one who takes pride in their work, who cares about their work and willing to listen to criticism and take full understanding of their job function.

I started out as a driver and from there, I became a dispatcher. From there, I became a dispatch supervisor and I hope to become maybe the general manager of the department, but there’s so many opportunities that to me, it’s unlimited.

About Coach USA

Coach USA is one of the largest transportation companies in North America operating more than 2,400 motorcoaches and employing more than 5,000 people. We provide local and inter-city transportation services for communities throughout the US and Canada. Coach USA owns more than 25 bus carriers in North America, operating scheduled bus routes, motorcoach tours, charters, and/or city sightseeing tours. These local carriers are now operating across the continental United States, serving a variety of communities and their needs. These local carries are independently managed and operated. Some of these carriers have been in existence for more than 75 years and are a vital part of the community.


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