About Us

Coach USA is the largest private bus company in the United States.


We offer an array of services, including transit, tour, commuter and charter services. Coach USA currently offers a lot of opportunities for employment, starting at entry level positions all the way up to executive positions. So there’s a wealth of opportunity for people in all walks of life and in the community.


So I’ve been at Coach USA for 22 years. I found out about the company because I lived in a community that Coach USA operated. So I was always interested in buses and transportation. And I thought that, you know, it’d be a great career path because transportation is not going away. Over the 22 years, I’ve went into different segments of our business from risk management to operations management. And now, you know, recently, I’ve been assigned this role as the VP of Operations for the East. So I’m a perfect example for an opportunity for growth at Coach USA.


There are several roles that are available and come available throughout the year. So it’s a matter of positioning yourself and working hard to get there. At Coach USA, we have a value system that supports collaborative effort supported by family based values. We stick together and we work as a team. We win together and we lose together, but hopefully we win more than we lose.


We value both internal and external customers. Our internal customers are our employees. And our external customers are obviously the customers that are riding our buses, whether they’re on our transit bus, our commuter bus or a charter operation, but for us, they’re closely tied. And we treat the internal customers similar to the external customers, because if we take care of the internal customers, our operators, our cleaners, our mechanics, our frontline staff, we know that they’re going to go out there and put their best foot forward when they’re dealing with the general public.


From a customer expectation, safety is not only our priority, but it’s the customer’s priority. And if you’re a commuter or you’re a transit operator, your goal is to get to work safely and to get back home safely. We’re tied as it relates to that very important piece. And that’s why it’s our priority.


At Coach USA, it’s my belief that the sky’s the limit. If you are self-motivated, a disciplined person, and naturally if you have skills, this is the place right now to touchdown, and to apply your skills and watch them take off.


Hello, my name is Theresa, and I am a driver at Coach USA.


As a driver, our main responsibility is to transport people back and forth safely in the moto coach. Safety is a number one priority at Coach USA, the safety of the passengers.


You start your day off by making sure the bus is operational, functional, and safe. You do a complete pre-trip. You do all the paperwork. You get your route number. You get your, it’s called a duty board. It tells you exactly where you’re supposed to go during the day, and then you start your run. Depending on the route you have, you deal with a lot of different types of customers, whether they’re local, going shopping, to the doctor’s appointments, or if they are commuters that work very long hours in the city.


I think a driver that knows all the rules and regulations for DOT, I think somebody that’s prompt, that shows up, that gets enough sleep at night, that eats right, that has a friendly attitude will do great here.


We’re all like a big family. We have barbecues. We go to each others kids’ birthday parties and stuff like that, and we also have a Facebook page where we all keep in touch. It’s a great group of people. It’s like one big family here.


Hi, my name is Danny. I’ve been a dispatcher for Coach USA for 18 years.


During the day, we have approximately 50 drivers reporting within three hours. When the driver checks in, he shows us all his DOT papers, meaning driver’s license, medical card. Then we assign the buses. We have books and we sign him that book for the day and their scanners.


We use scanners now for a passenger, when they board the bus and we hand them out a scanner. What dispatch is doing is assigning buses. The fill in drivers we assign, the fill-in runs. What I do is I help make sure they understand and make sure the run is completed thoroughly.


A successful person at Coach USA is one who takes pride in their work, who cares about their work and willing to listen to criticism and take full understanding of their job function.


I started out as a driver and from there, I became a dispatcher. From there, I became a dispatch supervisor and I hope to become maybe the general manager of the department, but there’s so many opportunities that to me, it’s unlimited.


My name is Michael and I’m a mechanic here at Coach USA.


I’ve worked at coach USA for seven years. I repair buses. I do brake jobs, king pins, fix doors, windows, anything that’s required on a bus to keep it running.


My day begins coming in and being assigned a work order. Most of the work we do is in the garage. And occasionally we get called out on the road to help drivers out.


I like taking things apart and making it work again. I enjoy interacting with people who know more than I do that I can learn from – because you’re always learning. You never know everything.


If you don’t know something, all you gotta do is ask. We all help each other. You can ask a senior guy and they’re more than happy to help you out and teach you how to do things, the right way.


A successful mechanic would be somebody who’s not afraid to take on a job. I came to coach USA, to further my career and have stabilization. I enjoy all the people here, I get along with everybody.