I take pride in the work that I do. I make an impact. It's just not a business that's looking to generate revenue. We pride ourselves in our relationship with the community. Everyday you're supporting that customer in their mission; you can take a lot of pride in that. Chenega Corporation is a premier government and commercial services company. We are focused on IT, healthcare services, professional management services, base ops and maintenance, intelligence, as well as security and military operations support. Chenega Corporation is a unique company in that we were created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act by the United States Congress in 1971. We are for profit companies, but by law, 100% of our profits must be returned to our Native shareholders to provide for social, economic, and cultural opportunities. We strive to empower our employees with the knowledge that they are part of this higher purpose. We support the livelihood of a Chenega Village. To be an Alaskan Native Corporation in my eyes is really protecting the heritage to go on. The importance of the work I do really drives me. I think everyone knows that national security is a priority one for everyone here. I have an opportunity to impact that on a day to day basis. We're the first line of defense for Government Facilities. I take home a satisfaction with me, like I've accomplished something. I guard the front gate. We monitor the buildings that have government equipment and materials that need to be protected. It's a huge responsibility and I'm proud to take that on. And one of the big things I can say about Chenega is there's clear vision. When you come on you know exactly what role and the influence you play for the company. It's a great company to work for! We have great customers, we've grown, however it's still a very close knit environment to work in. They're very talented people, everybody understands the mission they're supporting. We're a service delivery company and the only way we can perform any of these functions on our contracts or you know, in our back office, we need exceptional support. We're able to find those extraordinary personnel that will be able to take us to the next level. I stay at Chenega because it's like a family to me. We've been working together for several years. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Within the Chenega organization there is a great focus on professional development. Our management very much invests in us and ensures that we're going to the training that's required to do the job and to progress in your career. I came in as an entry level research analyst, progressed to a site lead, to management, so I've worked in several departments on several different areas of our contract. If you're one of those people who like to make a difference and like to understand and impact the customer this is the place for you. You know, I'm proud to educate my children about the work that I do and the company that I work for. This is, to me, a legacy that the corporation is leaving, is instilling in our employees the mindset that they can make a difference, not only in the work that they do, but also in the communities that they live in.

About Chenega

Chenega is a financially strong, ethically responsible, cost effective service provider committed to innovation and creativity, hiring and developing the best in the business and exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional value, while improving the quality of life for our shareholders. A premier Government and Commercial services provider in several diverse business channels, Chenega Corporation has contracts in industries including security, healthcare, IT, environmental, military intelligence and operations, construction, and tourism. With over 5,300 employees across 47 states and 11 countries, it has grown to be one of the largest Alaskan-owned businesses in the state. This video takes a deeper look into what it really means to be a part of the Chenega Corporation.


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