I think one of the differences with California Casualty is the value that we put in our people. What I love about California Casualty is the people we serve; we only take care of American Heroes. And that is your public servants: your educators, law enforcement, firemen, nurses. Selling a product as genuine as what California Casualty has to offer, it doesn’t feel like you’re in a typical sales role or sales position. We have two different sales departments. First of all, we have Outbound Sales. It’s a great department because there’s no cold calling. It’s taking leads that were gathered by our field marketing managers of people who are interested in wanting to find out more, and then they call back on those nice warm leads. And then you have Inbound Sales, customers calling in to get quotes. They’ve heard about us, you know, from referrals, from their place of business. My typical day is being on the phone majority of the day, and then some of the day responding to some of the calls, some of the stuff that we have to follow up on. We have to be there for them when they’re available – teachers are teaching school in the daytime, they’re not always available to get the information they need. It’s definitely a very exciting position, it’s very competitive. And also helping out our group members, insuring them the protection that they deserve for what they do for our community. The great thing about California Casualty is we help you every step of the way. It starts with licensing, which there’s no out of pocket expense for you; we pay for everything. So we try to give you all the tools necessary to be successful in the position. We offer a competitive benefit package. You can expect a very rewarding career, not as far as just what you do but as far as financially as well. We are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic individuals who have a lot of grit and passion. There’s a bond here like none other. You should definitely come work at California Casualty because of the overall benefits that you could reap from being a sales person.

About California Casualty

California Casualty is a service oriented and service driven insurance company specializing in the needs of police, fire fighters, nurses and teachers.The open door policy, as well as code of ethics and honesty, contributes to California Casualty’s family atmosphere. Grow your career through the development and training programs as well as tuition reimbursement.


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