Here at Metalpack, our vision is to build and manufacture the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the food and aerosol markets. With innovation, it's easy to think about, as far as an innovative product. From a corporate perspective, it means being willing to think about things differently and approach processes in a different way. I feel like I have a voice in this company because I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with management. I can walk into their office with any suggestion, thoughts about my day, whatever it may be, and I know that they care. So for anybody that want to work here, you can plan your future in a place like Metalpack, with the training programs and the pay rates that they have and the opportunity they have for you to grow, made me continue on and I ended up making it a career. I've been here over 30 years. Safety at Metalpack is our number one priority. We provide all of our employees with the PPE they need to work safely out on the production floor. We hold monthly safety meetings. We have safety initiatives across our corporation, and we start each day with safety discussions before employees hit the floor. And as our top priority at Metalpack that all of our employees leave in the same condition that they arrived. Our core values are centered around integrity, respect, empowerment, all while acting with a great sense of urgency. I truly believe that our employees are going to be more engaged if they know what's going on. Our leadership team is very transparent about what's going on in the business and share information in their presentations. You'll see our leaders going out to plants, sharing quarterly results. We have a quarterly communication plan where each operating unit gives a quarterly update to their business. At Ball Metalpack, every employee has a voice and has a seat at the table. We think it's very important to make sure the voice of the employee, of every team member, is heard every day.

About Ball Metalpack

Ball Metalpack is the leading supplier of sustainable metal packaging for food and household products and the largest aerosol manufacturer in North America. Previously part of Ball Corporation, we’re a newly formed company with 130 years of experience, and we’re proud to continue our legacy as an industry leader in innovative, next-generation packaging solutions. We currently have manufacturing operations in Arkansas, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin and corporate offices in Colorado and Ohio. Ball Metalpack is a Lean Manufacturing System environment.


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