CEO Message

Hi, I'm Jim Peterson, CEO of Metalpack. Here at Metalpack, our vision is to build and manufacture the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the food and aerosol markets. Our core values are centered around integrity, respect, empowerment, all while acting with a great sense of urgency. What's exciting about Ball Metalpack, we make people's lives better. We feed hundreds of millions of people with the products we develop in our plants, and we make consumers' lives easier by creating a package that has the perfect delivery system. When you walk the retail store with your family or friends, you can point to products on the shelves and say, "I made that product." Hi, my name is Jan Rodriguez, and I'm the General Counsel and Vice President of HR for Metalpack. Thank you for the opportunity to let us tell you more about our company. We're really trying to foster a culture of empowerment, of giving employees the opportunity to step up. Every employee in this company counts. It's an opportunity to let people hear your voice and to feel like you have a seat at the table. At Metalpack, we make over 4 billion cans every year. We produce the most sustainable packaging in the industry. Our products have the highest recycling rates and the highest recycled content. So you, as a future employee, will know that you're serving both the community and the greater good. I challenge you to join us on our journey. It's a fast-paced, exciting industry. Feeding people and making it more convenient for the consumer is always going to be in fashion. And while metal packaging has got a bright future, we want you to join us as part of that bright future.

About Ball Metalpack

Ball Metalpack is the leading supplier of sustainable metal packaging for food and household products and the largest aerosol manufacturer in North America. Previously part of Ball Corporation, we’re a newly formed company with 130 years of experience, and we’re proud to continue our legacy as an industry leader in innovative, next-generation packaging solutions. We currently have manufacturing operations in Arkansas, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin and corporate offices in Colorado and Ohio. Ball Metalpack is a Lean Manufacturing System environment.


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