Service Technician

Our clients trust us. We’re advisors to them and we take care of them. My name is Steve, I’m a Service Technician for BlueCrest. I came out of a trade school at 19 years old when I started with the company, the mechanical, the electrical, my hobbies, things I’d done growing up, everything that I liked to do. Being a field service technician, I really enjoy the wide range of clients, customers, and equipment that I get to see every day. A typical day as a service technician, we interface with the customer. We take care of a lot of installs, take care of their equipment, and make sure that everything is up and running well to meet their needs. We carry lots of parts, so there’s some lifting. Some of the motors are a little heavy. There’s definitely a lot of bending, a lot of diagnosing, and we’ll stay around with the client to make sure they’re totally satisfied. What’s made me successful is just communication with the customers and the clients. Really finding out any kind of issues they’re having. Sometimes there’s days where you get stuck, so we have a great tech support group, and we know it’s just a phone call away. As a service technician, my main goal is my satisfaction. I know if I take care of them, they’re going to be a very happy client. There’s no one who could touch us as far as our technology. We’re the best. I haven’t seen any other competitors that come close.


A successful engineer used to be able to be collaborative, think outside the box, be flexible to the demands of the business. My name is Morae Christian and I am a senior process engineer here at BlueCrest. I had the opportunity to intern for BlueCrest back in college. And when the opportunity came to work here full time, I had to jump on it. My degree is in mechanical engineering. What I loved about it is that it wasn’t a desk job. I got to get out there and not only shadow the techs that build the machines, but the engineers who designed the machines and then also process engineers who help put it together. We have process engineering, design engineering, electrical engineering and product management engineering. And those four roles come together on every project. You might get five different people in a room, different opinions and the way they collaborate is a key to making sure our project is successful. I love the team that I work with. It’s supportive. It’s a professional environment with a lot of opportunities for growth. Working at BlueCrest gives you opportunities you couldn’t even dream of.

Human Resources & Culture

We’re seeking motivated individuals. Individuals who are coachable. Individuals who are innovative and not afraid to take initiative. I am [Nikky] Stradford, and I am the HR generalist here at BlueCrest. As a HR generalist, I am recruiting. I am handling employee relations as well as onboarding all of the new hired employees. Onboarding is important because it sets the tone of the business and everyone works extremely hard, so we’re all after the same goal and I think the employees knowing this first day, when they come in, it gets them very excited. The culture here is more like a family type of environment, if you will. BlueCrest spun off from a hundred year old company so there was already history here. Because we’re building the business, we’re seeking talent. New people are coming in. Right now, we’re working extremely hard, but it’s paying off. The new employees, they’re bringing in a diverse perspective so the collective environment and working together, it’s absolutely phenomenal. BlueCrest allows me to come in and put my best foot forward every day. I feel like I matter every day. And that definitely makes a difference.

Product Management

When you invest in your people, they deliver amazing things. When you grow your people, you will be amazed. I’m Eddy Edel. I’m the vice president of product management for BlueCrest. Product management is defining strategies, defining new product, is discussing with clients what’s important to them. The role consists of managing a large team, engineering new solutions, delivering financial results. Product management has many, many facets. It’s your own business. If you’re willing to take up the challenge and behave like it’s your money, your own people, your own company, your own brand, you’re gonna be a very successful product manager. The interaction a product manager will have is critical. And your ability to collaborate with a large team is going to be critical in your success. The culture at BlueCrest is like a family-owned company. It’s a small organization, but we’re still where 1600 people working with each other for many, many years. Everyone cares for each other. We have a lot of diversity in our team and this is what makes BlueCrest, BlueCrest. At BlueCrest, we’ll ask for your commitment and we will do what it takes to grow you, to develop you, to train you. It has been our success for many, many years. And we’re gonna keep doing what works, and it’s why we’re market leaders.