For their 10 Year Anniversary, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals comissioned MadDash to create several vignettes chronicling their journey of drug discovery.
The Eureka Moment

To capture their origin story, MadDash interviewed a Nobel Prize-winner and Alnylam’s founding team in this piece, capturing the “Eureka” moment on which Alnylam was built.

The RNAi Boom

In this video, MadDash employed subtle but engaging graphics techniques to convey the remarkable discovery of RNAi, a transformative cancer cure.

The Dark Ages

Using the contrast between the bleak and the hopeful, MadDash told the story of Alnylam’s challenges throughout their journey to discovery.

The Slope of Enlightenment

With a bright future ahead for Alnylam, MadDash concluded the series by showcasing the many possibilities in store for the leading RNAi company.

Alnylam Challengers

A Community Impact Program to Improve Health Access in Underserved Communities

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