Strategic Video Solutions

Strategic Video Solutions.

We are a creative video production agency based outside Boston, Massachusetts with client and team members across the Globe.

For over twenty years we have delivered our clients and partner agencies great quality and value by excelling in business acumen, professionalism, experience and great customer service.

Business Consulting & Pre-Production
Through in-depth meetings and one-on-one discussions, clients receive a detailed pre-production plan, best practices, a cost break-down, along with concept/creative, compliance, and diversity guidance. Return On Investment (ROI) can be determined based on what solution you are using our video services for.
Video Onsite & Studio Production
Our industry leading production and account teams, equipped with high degrees of project and business experience, will deliver onsite in a professional, efficient, and high quality manner. Our goal is to insure you and your organization feel excited, relaxed and confident during our filming sessions. The end result is that the best soundbites and visuals are collected during the timeframe specified.
Video Post Production Services
Our team will provide professional editing, special effects/animation, graphics, music tracks, voice over, audio/color correction and premier stock footage as needed, in addition to English and foreign language transcriptions, translation, and subtitles. We also offer a landing page service with the industry's most advanced video analytics allowing real time feedback and performance consultation. With in-house expertise your project will be given a specific production delivery date and we will insure that those deadlines are met.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you all for your help with this huge project! I was so pleased with how things went and that is a true testament to your professionalism! I could not be happier with the final product.

GE_Healthcare_Logo (1)

Love the finished product & you’re a fun bunch to work with. I really enjoyed the experience.


Your team rocks! Can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with your whole team and we are so looking forward to a continued partnership with you in the future! We are actually saddened today and feeling a bit of MadDash withdrawal!


Great work! Everyone has really enjoyed the final product. Going in I had a vague concept of what it should look like and this met/exceeded my expectations. It certainly sets us apart from our competition.


We’ve always been impressed with the quality of people at MadDash..engaging, friendly, polite, funny and know what they’re doing.    I would highly recommend!!

Our Work

Our video solutions are made for industries in all shapes, across the globe. Take a look at our custom MarCom, Training, and Recruitment video solutions by clicking on these boxes. 

We offer a variety of video solutions for your onboarding needs.

We offer a variety of video solutions for your MarCom needs.

We offer a variety of video solutions for your recruitment needs.

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Our Leadership Team

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Managing Partner & Founder
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Xavier Gath
Managing Partner & Creative Director
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Dave Grainger III
Client Executive - Production Services
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Mason Rourke
Creative & Production Services
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Creative & Production Services
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Nolan Rourke
Creative & Production Service
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Creative & Graphic Design

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