A global multichannel video game, consumer electronics and wireless services retailer with more than 6,600 stores worldwide, GameStop is a family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple.

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GameStop is a family of specialty brands that makes your technology affordable and simple. We’re really differentiated on how well we understand our customer. Whether they come through our website or web properties, whether they come through our Spring Mobile store or Simply Mac or Cricket, whether they come into a GameStop, we understand our customers better than anyone else. We are an organization that believes in protecting the family. We are a company that embraces change and can help fuel careers and in fact make a significant difference in your life professionally and personally. We value integrity above all else – we value individuals who want to take care of our customers, we value individuals who do the right thing. We want GameStop to be successful not only now, but as we continue to grow this year and the many years to come. It’s a great idea to try to become a part of GameStop. It really comes down to growth – no matter where you start, whether you want to start in the stores and you think a retail environment is your goal to be with GameStop, that’s fine, but if you change and you want to move on to something else, there’s always opportunities for you. We specifically want our internal candidates to growth within the company. I think the passion you find here is second to none relative to any place I’ve ever worked. While we are results-oriented, we have a lot of fun. We’ll kind of say “alright, what are we setting up to do, and if we reach it, let’s go celebrate, let’s celebrate those successes.” We’re very close-knit as well, so you’ll find that we have a lot of fun as we try to really reach out and hit our objectives – more fun than probably any other company. We’re looking for people who like working with people. We want individuals in stores who want to take care of our customers, and want to provide the best possible customer experience for everyone in our stores. To a store manager, those four walls become their home, and so yes it is their own business and the choices that they make and what they’re going to do to drive those sales, or to drive that loyalty with their customer base, or to drive events with something as simple as a midnight launch – they own that, and they take ownership in that and responsibility for it, so they actively trying to find ways to drive their business and to effect personal and to drive profit. Clearly we bought some companies recently that have diversified us, but what really ties all these companies together is our ability to understand the customer. We do it better than anybody, so it’s a powerful weapon that allows us to move into other businesses and acquire them and actually make them bigger to drive growth. So where GameStop is going is going to just continue to grow. Whether you’re looking at an opportunity in the store, out in the field as a manager, or even I our distribution center, our store support center, or our repair center, there’s an opportunity for you.