City National Bank helps business people in Southern California achieve their dreams. As a banker with CNB you will see in this video that working here is all about building relationships. As a branch manager, lender and in other roles you can work closely with entrepreneurs like Restaurateur Wolfgang Puck. Help clients build their business and personal endeavors. In this video you will see that City National Bank employees take pride in growing relationships and maintaining high ethical standards all while enjoying great career prospects.

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Video Transcript:
City National has a really strong history in working with entertainment clients. We go into every relationship with the goal of being a trusted advisor. It’s the way up. City National Bank is the premier private and business bank. The business people in town decided that they needed a bank that was going to serve the entrepreneurs of the community. So they started a bank and built it into a very unique and successful franchise and the largest bank headquartered in Southern California. There was a need to serve entrepreneurs with a relationship driven bank. And I think that’s what this organization has done extremely well. They know the markets that they serve: The entertainment sector; the real estate sector; the wealth management. The financial institution itself is strong and financially sound. The largest number of branches and offices are in California. But it also has locations in Nevada and New York. We recently opened offices in Nashville and Atlanta. >Our day to day activities revolve around getting to know our clients, listening to their needs and really offering financial solutions that are tailored to those needs. We look outside the box to find solutions for clients. You form a partnership. Then you form customer loyalty. And that really helps us attract new business and enhance the business we already have. People here take pride in being part of City National Bank. It’s all about people. It’s all about growing relationships. Relationships are what drive everything that we really do. Integrity: That’s really maintaining high ethical standards. We truly dedicate ourselves to understanding and listening to our clients’ needs. We cater to entrepreneurs. That’s our business. It’s a great team of people here at the bank. It feels very much like an extended family and it’s really a great environment. It’s an environment where everyone gets treated with respect. We want to get people that have different points of view. Having different people from different cultures, from different races I think makes us a stronger bank. You can make as big of an impact as you want. We’re always striving to give back to the community. Every year we donate books to schools that are in need. I have colleagues that volunteer in our communities. The bank is really heavily involved in community service. In addition I think we cater to the entrepreneurs. We really want to see people and their dreams and building their business thrive. City National helped us to really build my dream restaurant. For me, loyalty is one of the most important things. To have a great relationship with a bank these days is the most important thing. Sometimes it’s a big real estate transaction or it might be just helping a Broadway show quickly establish new show accounts. There’s a need for what we do and the kind of values we have. The way up for our bank is to just build on what we’re doing and I think the future’s unlimited for all of us if we do that right. You’re going to get a premier experience, just like the kind we give to our clients. You have the strength and the backing and the capital of a large bank, plus you still have the small, entrepreneurial spirit where everybody matters. We’ve got the best of both worlds here.